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Uzziel Canby, or 'Uzzi'. (Co-Director of the White Room Tattoo Limited, established, July 2016.) 13 years experience, having worked in Plymouth, London, Denmark, and Mozambique. Specialises in black and grey realism, detailed content and producing more and more colour realism. Uzzi was an �exceptional student� at Eggbuckland Community College and originally wanted to be an accountant. After reconsidering his options at the age of 20, decided to be a tattoo artist, after realising that the life of an accountant may not be his best vocation. As a result of some discussion over his options, he came up with the idea of joining his brother Pash at Projects Studio (Plymouth) to become a tattoo artist. After all, he had always had a flare for art and had been watching his brother tattoo, for 6 years. He moved to Southern Africa in 2012 and eventually returned to the UK at the end of 2015, after making a great success of the �Tatu-Me� tattoo studio in Maputo, Mozambique. With his brother Pash, the decision was made to sell up in Mozambique and come back to England, for London for a few months and to subsequently be based in Plymouth where he grew up. Thus, The White Room Tattoo Limited was established. March 2018, it was announced that he would be co-featuring in E4 Television production, �Tattoo Fixers�, with his brother Pash.

Expert In: Realism, portraits, traditional, full colour, black and grey, tribal, religious, etc. on demand.

Experience: 2010 - Present Day

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