Our Policy

White Room Policy Declaration

1. WRT produces and promotes the highest level of tattoo artwork in the business, in every respect.

2. The first word of WRT is ‘White’, for purity, cleanliness, health, safety and hygiene. This includes aftercare. No compromise shall ever be made in these areas and the highest possible clinical standards are set, consistently reviewed and maintained.

3. WRT treats all individuals and especially minority groups with total respect and dignity, irrespective of their status, creed, race, sexuality, age, religion, or culture. Respect, empathy and politeness are prerequisite to operations.

4. WRT conscientiously endeavours to bring individuals and groups of all nationalities and backgrounds together in a friendly, positive environment.

5. WRT artists and associates engage with clients in meaningful, positive and interesting conversation if they so desire.

6. WRT is a family business. Promotion of family values and family harmony is therefore critical to the WRT culture. Children (as the most important and most impressionable members of society) and their wellbeing and positive development are paramount.

7. WRT Clients are told clearly from the first contact, what to expect in terms of service and costs. No promises will ever be made unless they can be kept. Total honesty is a key factor.

8. WRT embraces a Culture of Constructive Criticism (CCC). This policy shall be maintained and no offence shall be taken at any critical remarks made between any Associates, Clients, Artists, Directors, Apprentices. CCC is recognised as the only true environment for improvement.

9. WRT aggressively promotes media exposure. Activities, people and events are recorded as comprehensively as possible, at the highest quality possible, showing entertaining but positive side of tattoo culture, in photographs and videos and events.

10. ALL Artists, Apprentices, Contractors and Directors, are considered ‘Ambassadors of the Company and the Tattoo Industry’ and present themselves in a highly respectable light, at conventions, on company premises and even in the social environment.

11. Legality. Do not ask WRT to bypass or flout a law in any respect. WRT must always operate within the law and be outstanding members of the public. Do not be offended by this, as it is for everyone's protection, security, peace of mind and comfort.